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Growth performance of <I>Khaya senegalensis</I> seedlings influenced by provenances and latitudinal gradients in the nursery

O.A. Iroko
A.O. Bobadoye
B.O. Bobadoye


Seedling growth performance is germane and pertinent in plant variables when analyzing tree provenance trials as it indicates its adaptability of the seed to the environments/habitat. The study was undertaken to examine the comparative studies on seedling performance of Khaya senegalensis at nursery stage in Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria. Seeds from four sources in different States in Nigeria: Oyo, Borno, Jigawa and Kano States were collected and planted to observe their morphological attributes. Seedlings variables (Plant height, collar diameter and number of leaves) were observed and recorded fortnightly for sixteen (16) weeks after germination was completed. It was observed that seeds from Oyo state performed best while seeds from Kano state had the least performance. Provenances variation indicate genetic and environmental differences that can be utilized for afforestation programmes and thus, this study recommends the seeds from Oyo state for large scale afforestation since it performed best.

Keywords: Khaya senegalensis, seed provenance, seedling height, collar diameter and number of leaves.