Assessment of choice of wood species for construction purpose by smallholder furniture makers and carpenters in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State

  • A.O Adiji
  • S.E Areghan
  • A.A Ademola
  • L.T Orire
  • A.A Adebisi
Keywords: Gmelina arborea; Anogeissus leiocarpus; furniture’s; carpenters; preferences of wood species


This study assessed the preference of wood species used for furniture making and roofing in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria. A cross-sectional assessment study, which employed questionnaire and on-site observations, was used. A sample of 100 respondents was ramdomly selected from wood users comprising mixtures of active furniture makers and carpenters in five local government areas out of the 11 local government areas of Ibadan metropolis. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and correlation to establish relationship between education, year of experience and choice of wood species. From the study, 18 and 17 species were found to be available for the production of furniture and roofing respectively in the study area. Gmelina arborea (41%,) follow by Khaya senegalensis (14%), Mansonia altissima (13%), Milicia excelsa (11%), Cordia millenii (11%) and Celtis zenkeri (10%) are the prominent and the most prefer wood species for furniture making. While Anogeissus leiocarpus (52%) follow by Milicia excelsa (20%) and Cola acuminate (15%) and Spent Elaeis guineensis wood (9%) were the most prominent prefer wood species for roofing.100% of the respondent are into furniture making while 96% of the respondent are into furniture making and carpenters. The preference criteria of species for furniture and roof making are strength (29%), good finished(24%), visual appearance(17%), durability(10%), easy machining(12%), availability(2%) and the knowledge of the wood species(6%). concerted effort through reforestation and afforestation for continuous supply of the preferred wood species to forest industries need to be carried out.


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eISSN: 1597-0906