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Analysis Of Staple Food Price Behaviour In Ogoja And Yala Local Govt. Areas in Cross River State

EA Agbogo
NE Tiku


The study examined price behaviour of four selected agricultural products – rice, beans, garri and yam in Ogojo and Yala Local Government Areas in cross River state. The study revealed that Mbube is a central collecting market (CCM) for Garri and Yam while Okuku is a central disposal market (CDM). For beans and rice, Okuku was discovered to be a central colleting market (CCM) while Mbube was a central disposal market (CDM). Prices of garri and yam were found to be highest between may and August at both terminal markets, while December to march market the main peak of the glut for both crops.

For rice and beans, Okuku was found to be a feeder-market to Mbube, with prices being highest at both markets from May to August. Various statistical tests carried out in addition to the trends revealed by the line graphs confirmed that much of the price variations in addition to responses to general and specific demand forces were due to the seasonal and biological nature of the agricultural products. The study revealed further that farmers who were able to hold their stock up to August could make more from the sale of these products at both markets:

Key words: Analysis, staple food, price behavior Cross River State, Nigeria.

Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and the Social Sciences Vol.2(2) 2004: 68-77