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Effect Of Different Protein Levels on The Performance Of Growing Snails

AS Kehinde
AJ Omole
SE Odidi
GT Muraina
OA Ayoola
A Adeyinka
TO Babatunde
VM Nwokolo
BF Oriowo


One hundred and eighty (180) snails were used for the feeding trial that lasted for fourteen weeks. Four dietary treatments were used: the diets had the same energy (2500kcal/kg M. E.) and only varied in their levels of protein (10%, 15%, 18% and 20%).

Feed intake was highest in T4 ( 20% crude protein ,14.79g), followed by T3 (18% C. P with 11.40g). Feed intake in T4 was significantly (P<0.05) higher than in other treatments while T1 had the lowest feed intake. Mean daily weight gain for T4 was the highest (67.54g), followed by T3 (53.58g), T2 (45.26g) and T1 with the lowest value (41.90g).

T4 was superior to other treatments in terms of feed to gain ratio, efficiency of feed utilization and reproductive performance. Snails in T1 with 10% CP failed to lay eggs and had the least developed reproductive system. A diet of 15-20% C. P is therefore recommended for growing snails.

Key words: Protein levels, snails, conventional feeds

Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and the Social Sciences Vol.2(2) 2004: 78-83