Some Haematological And Serum Biochemical Parameters Of Goats Fed Cynodon nlemfuensis, Spondias mombin and Gmelina arborea Based Diets

  • OO Eniolorunda
  • OE Fasina
  • FA Aluko
Keywords: Hematological, serum biochemical parameters, <i>Cynodon nlemfuensis, Spondias mombin, Gmelina arbore</i>


Haematological and serum biochemical analyses of West African Dwarf goats fed three different diets was carried out. Eighteen (18) growing bucks aged 7 – 7.5 months with a mean live weight ranging between 6.67 – 7.02 Kg were randomly allotted to three dietary treatments comprising six (6) animals per treatment. A 3 x 4 factorial experiment in a completely randomised design (3) different diets (A, B and C) and four collection periods (day 0, 21, 42 and 63) of blood samples was used. The animals were housed in wood shavings bedded individual pens (1.5 x 1.2 x 1.0) m3 and fed 0.30 Kg/head/day of the diets. The Cynodon nlemfuensis based diet served as the control (diet A) while Spondias mombin and Gmelina arborea based diets served as dietary treatments B and C respectively. Prior to the commencement of the feeding trial, blood samples were collected (day 0) by jugular venipuncture from the animals and at 21 days interval, during the trial which lasted sixty three (63) days. Collected blood samples, which were placed in well labeled heparinized bottles (2.5ml) and into anticoagulant-free well labeled plastic tubes (2.5ml), were analyzed within four hours of collection for Erythrocyte, Packed Cell Volume (PCV), Haemoglobin(Hb) and total leucocyte count. Total serum protein, albumin and globulin, PCV and white blood count (WBC) were not significantly (P>0.05) influenced by the dietary treatments and collection periods. However significant differences (P<0.05) were obtained in the red blood count (RBC) and haemoglobin when blood samples were collected on Day 63. Diet C had significantly P<0.05 higher values for TP (7.6g dl-1) albumin (5.6g dl-1) and globulin (2.0gdl-1) compared to 3.0gdl-1, 1.8 gdl-1 and 1.2gdl-1 and 4.0gdl-1, 1.9gdl-1 and 2.1gdl+ for diets A and B respectively.

Keywords: Hematological, serum biochemical parameters, Cynodon nlemfuensis, Spondias mombin, Gmelina arbore

Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and the Social Sciences Vol. 4 (2) 2006: pp. 156-161

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eISSN: 1597-0906