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Economic Value Of Garcinia kola Marketing In Enugu State, Nigeria

CC Eze
VC Eze


The study was on the economic value of Garcinia Kola nut marketing in Enugu State, Nigeria. It had 3 objectives, namely description of the marketing channel of Garcinia kola nut, determination of the costs and
returns and identifying and determining the Socio-economic variables that affect the marketers net returns. Three markets, one from each zone were randomly selected for the study. One hundred and eighty respondents,
were randomly selected, sixty for each market. Analytical tools used are costs-returns model, profitability index, and regression model. The field data showed that bitter kolanut passes through wholesalers, retailers and then consumers. The net returns from sales of bitter kola were N1, 791.80 and N9, 843.80 for on season and off seen respectively. The profitability index was 1.17 and 1.85 for on season and off season respectively. The regression analysis showed that 76.30% and 95.30% of the socio-economic variables explained the variation in the marketers net-returns for on and off season respectively. Generally bitter kolanut was of great economic value
to the marketers and could be a business for poverty alleviation if well funded.