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Marketing Of Bushmeat In Peri-Urban Areas Of Ibadan Metropolis Of Oyo State, Ibadan

FO Idumah
OR Appah
OA Tolawo
KA Bolaji-Olutunji


The study assessed the marketing of bushmeat in peri-urban areas of Ibadan metropolis. Three major bushmeat markets (Moniya, Idi-Ayunre, and Omi- Ado) were selected for the study. Thirty-three respondents were randomly sampled for the research. The result shows that grasscutter, rabbit, antelope, bushpig, squirrel and bushfowl were available for
marketing in the area, but antelope and grasscutter were the most preferred by consumers. The highest marketing efficiency was recorded for squirrel. The problems faced by bushmeat marketers in the study
area include finance, transportation, processing, the near absence of storage facilities, imposition of outrageous tariffs and the government policy on hunting. For bushmeat marketing to be more effective and
efficient,measures should be put in place to ensure that bushmeat, that is well processed to the taste and choices of the consumers is available all-year-round in the market. Government policies moderating
hunting should be fine tuned to encourage the availability of bushmeat.Attempts at domesticating wild games should also be encouraged to ensure this all-year-round availability.Marketers of bush meat should also come together and form bush meat marrketers associations to fully harness their collective strength.