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Sport Fisheries Potentials Of Agbokim Waterfalls, Cross River State, Nigeria

GU Ikpi
A Jenyo-Oni
SO Ojo
A Akinyemi


The study was carried out at Agbokim Waterfalls from August, 2005 to July 2006. The study area was divided into three reaches. Reach 1 (upstream), reach 2 (Waterfalls) reach 3 (Waterfalls River Basin), each reach was randomly sampled. Sampling was carried out once a month for the twelve months. The catches were sorted, identified and counted from fish landed by artisanal fishermen. Data collected was analyzed using percentages, relative abundance and diversity indices which included species richness, Simpson’s diversity index, Shannon and Weavers diversity index and their equitability (evenness). The results showed that twenty two fish species belonging to nine families were recorded. Fish catch varied from one reach to the other in terms of species composition and abundance with the highest catch in reach 3 (309) (64.9%).Total fish sampled was 476 with a total weight of 86,652.46g. The family Claridae had the highest weight 33318.17g (38.5%). Highest diversity indices were recorded in Simpson’s diversity index of 16.6111 in reach 3 and Shannon Weavers diversity index 2.7906. It followed the same pattern for species richness of 309. Equitability (evenness) results were rather highest for reach 2 (0.165) for Simpson’s index and (0.5987) for Shannon’s function.