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Effect Of Culture Media On The Plant Growth And Establishment Of Myrianthus arboreous (P. beauv) vegetative propagule

IM Ojeifo


An experiment was conducted to assess the regeneration of vegetative propagule of Myrianthus arboreous in different growing media. The objective of this study was to assess the response of stem cuttings to different culture media for plant take and survival. The growth variables taken increase with time. Topsoil produced the highest sprout stand of 97% and was followed by that of subsoil (87%), while the least value was produced by river sand (73%). With respect to sprout height, the value of topsoil and subsoil were
comparable while river sand produced the least value. The three media used, namely topsoil, subsoil and river sand produced comparable values for sprout girth, number of leaves, leaf length, root length and number of roots. Topsoil was more promising for the culture of Myrianthus arboreous cuttings in the study.

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