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The Structure Of The Tapping Panel Of Raphia hookeri,(Mann and Wendl).

EC Okolo, CO Okwuagwu, LO Enaberue, AO Yusuf


The Raphia palm is known for its main product, palm wine, an alcoholic beverage obtained by skilfully harvesting the palm sap through incisions made at the apex of the palm at the onset of emergence of the palm’s massive inflorescence. During the duration of tapping the palm for wine,
which varies from 7 to 60 days, sap flow is induced through the removal of thin slices of tissues of three major structures in the panel- the emerging petioles of the short spear leaves, the emerging primary branch inflorescences and the main inflorescence axis. The transverse section of these three structures is described through the dissection of the tapping panel.

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