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Effects Of Grass Suppression On Legume Abundance In A Naturalised Pasture At Zamfara Reserve, Sokoto, Nigeria

AF Akinyemi


Amongst the native grassland species encountered were crowfoot grass Dactyloctenium aegyptium and Urochloa mosambicensis. The average crowfoot grass content increased from 24.5% in plots of resident pasture (HO) to 86.2% in the second year ( H2 ) with the residual herbicide effect maintaining 37.9% in first year ( H1 ). The grass suppression did not affect yield in the year of spraying but provided a significant ( P < 0.05 ) response the following year. The most evenly distributed species is Pennisetum pedicellatum followed by Urochloa mosambicensis. Amongst the cutting regimes, 1 and 3cm did not differ significantly , neither did 3 and 5cm, but cutting at 5cm above the soil surface produced significantly taller plants than cutting down to 1cm

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