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Estimates Of Genetic Parameters Of Body Weights Of Different Classes Of Pigs

B Okon, LO Ngere, LA Ibom


Data collected on four hundred and seventy-five (475) piglets obtained from forty-four (44) farrowings were used to estimate the genetic parameters (heritability and repeatability) of body weight of pigs. Results obtained from the study showed that the heritability (h2) of birth and weaning weights were moderate (0.33±0.16 and 0.44±0.19 respectively).However, the heritability of body weight at the pre-weaning (1 – 5 weeks), post-weaning (7 – 12 weeks) and grower phases were quite low (0.01±0.01, 0.12±0.09 to 0.14±0.10 and 0.07±0.07 to 0.14±0.18 respectively). On the other hand, the repeatability (R) results showed that body weight was moderately repeated at birth and weaning phases of growth (0.08 and 0.11 respectively). The repeatability values at pre-weaning (1 – 5 weeks), post- weaning (7 – 12 weeks) and grower (13 – 24 weeks) phases of growth were generally low (0.003, 0.01 to 0.05 and 0.02 to 0.10 respectively). The results of this study indicated the importance of additive gene action in the expression of the trait (body weight). Besides, it revealed that the trait’s improvement is possible when proper selection is applied on pigs with moderate heritable and repeatable trait values.

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