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Perceived health and environment related factors associated with urban agriculture activities in Ibadan metropolis, Oyo state

J.O Oladeji


Urban agriculture has been identified as an important resource for meeting the challenges of rapidly growing cities, such that it serves as a coping mechanism among the poor in the cities. In spite of contributing to livelihood, it also has health and environmental problems associated with it. Therefore, this study investigated the perceived health and environmental factors associated with urban agriculture in Ibadan metropolis. The study was carried out in three urban local government areas in Ibadan metropolis. The study assessed the personal characteristics of the respondents in the study area, identified the types of crops grown and livestock reared, determined respondents’ perceived health and environmental problems associated with urban agriculture, identified type of location and reason for practicing urban farming. Data were obtained using questionnaires, and was analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings revealed that majority of respondents were middle-aged people (27.9%) with a mean of 35 years, married (69.2%) and had formal educational (87.9%). Trading was the major (47.5%) occupation and crop production was mostly practiced (38%). The most perceived health problems associated with urban agriculture were malaria, headache, and body pain, while unpleasant odor, air pollution from bush burning, and improper waste disposal are the most perceived health and environmental factors associated with urban agriculture. Chi square analysis revealed that marital status (x²=9.53, P=0.05) and educational qualification (x²=18.45, P=0.05) were significantly related to perceived health problems related to urban agriculture, while marital status (x²=23.84,P=0.05), educational qualification (x²=30.60, P=0.05) and primary occupation (x²=10.73, P=0.05) are significantly related to perceived environmental problem of urban agriculture. It was recommended that there should be an improved linkage between health, agriculture, waste and environmental management so as to reduce health and environmental problems caused by agriculture.

Keywords: Urban agriculture, Health and Environment

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