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Production of floating pellets using appropriate methods

A.M Suleiman, S.O.E Sadiku, A.M Orire


The study investigated into the use of floating materials like candle wax, yeast and baking powder to achieve pellet buoyancy. Ten diets were formulated with incorporation of floating agents; Diet I-YBCT- (yeast-baking powder in cold water -toasted), Diet II-YBCU- (yeast-baking powder in cold water -untoasted) Diet III -YBWT(yeast-baking powder in warm water –toasted), Diet IV-YBWU- (yeast-baking powder in warm water –untoasted), Diet V-WIT- (candle wax incorporated toasted), Diet VI-WIU- (candle wax incorporated untoasted), Diet VI-WCT- (candle wax coated –toasted), Diet VII-WCU- (candle wax coated untoasted), Diet IX-WBYT- (wax-baking powder-yeast toasted), Diet X –WBYU- (wax-baking powder-yeast untoasted). There were significant differences (P< 0.05) in water stability between the diets of IX and X. While for Diets I – VIII there were no significant differences. On the effect of toasting on the diets Diet X exhibited highest water stability (85 minutes) than Diet IX (60 minutes). Moreover, Diets I, III, V and VII exhibited significant difference for the first 10 minutes of buoyancy test while Diets II, IV, VI and VIII exhibited zero buoyancy P>0.05). Therefore, diets containing Yeast, Wax, Baking Powder and toasted and untoasted demonstrated best water stability long enough for consumption of fish and will thence guarantee good water quality management and cost effectiveness.

Key words: Buoyancy, Yeast, Baking powder, Wax, Toasted, Untoasted.

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