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Preliminary investigation into the growth peformance and fibre characteristics of <i>Calotropis procera</i> Linn.

F Yakubu
A.B.I Igboanugo
P Oni
O.N Amoo
F.O Abioye
C.I Nwokedi


A study of the growth and fibre characteristics of Calotropis procera was conducted. Seeds, stems and fruits of Calotropis procera were collected from three different Provenances. Seeds from Provenances A (Ogun State) had the highest percentage germination rate (68.50 %) this was followed by Provenances B (Oyo State) and Provenances C (Osun State) with 61.25 % and 54.50 % respectively. The investigation revealed that the highest mean percentage germination (75.66 %) was recorded for seeds pre-treated with 0.1 M of H2SO4 and then soaked in ordinary water for 24 hours. The fibre length (0.6 – 1.04 mm) of the stem of Calotopis procera compared favourably with the documented length (1 mm) of Gmelina arborea and Eucalyptus spp which are commonly exploited in the pulp and paper industry. Similarly, the fibre length and quality of the fruit cotton was observed to be 35.31 mm and 98.81 %. This is close to what is obtained in cotton of Ceiba pentandra (30.0 mm and 99 % respectively) which has been reported to be a species reputed for its favourable fibre length and quality in the pulp and paper industries. Strategies for more deliberate planting and conservation of Calotopis procera are highly essential.

Keywords: Calotropis procera, Fibre length and quality, potential, investigation