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Growth response of cockerel starters fed diet with graded levels of cowpea testa meal as replacement for groundnut cake

O.M Alabi
O.G Okediji


The effect of replacing Groundnut cake (GNC) with cowpea testa meal (CTM) in the diet of cockerel starters on the growth rate was investigated. Eighty 4-weeks old cockerels were randomly allotted to into graded levels of CTM inclusions as follows; T1 with no CTM as control,T2 with 25% CTM,T3 with 50% CTM and T4 with 75% CTM in replacement of GNC. Parameters investigated included daily feed intake, weekly body weight while feed conversion ratio (FCR) and efficiency of feed utilization (EFU) were calculated. Average daily feed intake (ADFI), Final body weight (FBW), FCR and EFU were significantly (p<0.05) affected by the CTM inclusion. Birds on T2 performed better than others. CTM can be used to replace GNC in cockerel starter’s diet preferably at 25% replacement level without any adverse effect on the birds.

Key words: Cowpea testa meal, Groundnut cake, Cockerel starters, Performance parameters, Replacement level.