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Elitism and healthcare: a study of healthcare behaviour of Nigerian elites in cross river and Akwa Ibom states, Nigeria

E.P Archibong
F Nkpoyen


the study provides an empirical analysis of overseas medical treatment by nigerian elites. it examined the relationship between the seeking of health care services overseas by senior public officials and political leaders in cross river and akwa ibom states and the impact on the nigerian health care delivery system. evidence was drawn from a survey of 200 respondents drawn from federal and state ministries, parastatals, commissions and local government councils in cross river and akwa ibom states. to give direction to the study, three hypotheses were formulated. the ex-post facto research design was adopted while purposive and stratified sampling procedures were variously applied at appropriate stages of the study. the generated data was analyzed using pearson product movement correlation statistical tool. the findings revealed that a significant relationship existed between oversea medical treatment, preference for foreign based medical experts and availability of standardized medical facilities abroad and health care delivery system. it was recommended that the policy of sponsoring senior public officials and political leaders abroad for medical treatment should be abolished.

Key words: Elitism, Healthcare and culture