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Economic analysis of variables affecting the plantain (<i>Musa sp</i>) mono cropping system of production by small-scale farmers in central Cross River State, Nigeria

JD Arikpo
IB Adinya
AO Angba
EA Agbogo
EA Ahong
MG Nyienakuna
AN Eze
NC Anyaorah
NE Ogar


The study examined variables affecting plantain (Musa sp) mono cropping system of production by small – scale farmers in Central Cross River State, Nigeria. Data were obtained from a random sample of 120 respondents in the study area by means of structured and semi- structured questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis. The result revealed that doublelog (Cobb-Douglas) production function is the lead equation because it had the highest R2 value of 0.38. The regression analysis revealed that farm size, fertilizer, visits by extension agents, labour, and credit has positive influence on output of plantain produced in Central Cross River State at a 5 percent level of significance. The F-value of 15.24 for the function is significant at 5 percent, indicating a significant linear relationship between the independent variables taken together and the yield of plantain produced in Central Cross River State. The study also revealed that plantain farmers are faced with several problems. These constraints affect the efficiency of plantain production in the study area. Notable among them are the constraint of inadequate land, low fertility of land, land fragmentation, wrong application of fertilizer, high cost of fertilizers, lack of education and training, high cost of improved suckers and lack of extension contact occupied 43.33%, 37.5%, 42.5%, 79.17%, 81.67%, 99.17%, 96.67% and 100% respectively on respondents constraints profile. The constraints associated with plantain production in the study area, if tackled, could pave a way to increase production and farm income of stakeholders.Hence, for efficient production of plantain in the study area, these constraints must be reduced to the barest minimum. This can be done through good policy formulation and implementation, proper supervision of plantain production programmes, effective extension services and proper agricultural financing.

Key words: Econometric analysis, constraints, plantain production, Farm  income

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eISSN: 1597-0906