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Responses of pearl millet (<i>Pennisetum flaucum</i>) to varying sowing date and variety at Bagauda, Kano State, Nigeria

MA Wailare


The trial was conducted during the 2009 wet season at Bagauda, Kano University of Science and Technology Temporary Research farm (110390N, 080200E) to determine the optimum sowing date and the most successful variety of Pearl millet for the area. The treatments were factorially combined and arranged in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) and were replicated four times. It consisted of three levels of sowing dates (2nd week of July, 3rd week of July, and 4th week of July spaced at one week interval), and four varieties of pearl millet (Sosat-C88, Zativ, Zango and WRAI). It was observed that sowing date did not have significant influence on plant height, panicle weight, number of panicles per plot, panicle length, panicle diameter, and weight of 1000 grains but stover yield and grain yield per hectare were both significantly influenced by sowing date. Among the varieties, Sosat-C88 outperformed the other varieties in terms of grain yield and was at par with Zativ and Zango in Stover yield. A positive and significant correlation was observed between grain yield and some yield related characters.

Key words: Sowing date, variety, yield. Pearl Millet