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Effect of NPK fertilizer on the seedlings of <i>Dialium guineense</i> (Wild) and proximate analysis of the fruit

FB Yakubu
OA Ogunwande
FF Adegoke
JO Ogunade
KO Iyanda


The study was carried out to determine the effect of NPK fertilizer at different levels on the growth of the seedlings of Dialium guineense. The proximate analysis and mineral composition evaluation were carried out on its fruit in order to reveal the nutrients and minerals in the species. Procured seeds were raised and forty eight relatively uniform seedlings were selected and transplanted into polypots containing sieved topsoil. NPK fertilizers at various levels (0g, 1g, 2g and 3g) were applied. The parameters assessed height, girth and leaf number. It was discovered that 2g produced tallest seedlings with average height 10.44cm while control had the shortest seedlings with height 8.43cm. 3g had the seedlings with highest number of leaves in the 1st week of assessment with an average of 7 leaves while 2g had the lowest with an average of 4 leaves. Though there was increase in girth throughout the weeks of assessment, there was no significant difference in the mean girth of all the treatments. So, for healthy nursery stock with considerable height necessary for competition on the field, 2g of NPK fertilizer is recommended for nursery managers. The mineral composition evaluation revealed that Potassium was present at 1.32% while Zinc was absent in the fruit. Proximate analysis of the fruit showed that it contains protein (1.4%), fat (3.21%), ash (2.5%), fibre (3.35%) and moisture content (4.8%). this exposed the nutritional value that could be explored by food and fruit processing industries

Key words: Dialium guineense, proximate analysis, fertilizer, mineral composition evaluation