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Phytochemical components of sodom apple (<i>Calotropis procera</i>) leaf and stem juices and their biomedical characteristics

FO Ogunleke
JA Adeneye
AO Akinsoyinu


This study was designed to evaluate the phytochemical components of Calotropis procera Leaf Juice (CPLJ) and Calotropis procera Stem Juice (CPSJ) and to assess the biochemical characteristics of calotropain in them. CPLJ contained significantly (p<0.05) higher saponin, tannin, alkaloids, oxalate, phytate and cyanogenic glycosides and exhibited higher proteolytic activity (PA) than CPSJ. CPSJ however, contained 1.20 times enzyme protein and exhibited 3.20 times milk clotting activity (CA) than CPLJ. Ratio of milk clotting activity to proteolytic activity (CA/PA) was 16 and 101 respectively in CPLJ and CPSJ. Use of CPSJ should therefore be preferred to CPLJ for cheese – making since it would lead to faster cheese making and higher cheese yield.

Keywords: Calotropis procera Leaf Juice, Calotropis procera Stem Juice, phytochemicals, proteolytic activity, milk clotting activity.