Small scale commercial poultry farmers training needs on improved production techniques in Oyo Zones of the Agricultural Development Programme. (ADP)

  • RA Oyeyinka
  • WK Raheem
Keywords: Small scale, commercial, poultry, farmers, training, technique


The study ascertained small scale commercial poultry farmer trainings needs on improved production techniques in Oyo Zone of the Agricultural Development Programme (ADP).A purposive sampling technique was used in selecting all the forty eight (48) registered poultry farmers with Poultry Association of Nigeria(PAN) in the Zone. Also forty (40) non registered poultry farmers were selected through snowball sampling method. Findings revealed that the percentages of poultry farmers that need training on various poultry production techniques are as follows,: housing system(83.1%),feeds and feeding strategies(86.7%),disease/parasites prevention control(81.9%) and marketing strategies(88%) percent .Findings also show that about twelve percent (12.1%) of the poultry farmers hired labour for the business, (53.0%) are making used of family/relatives for the business while (30.1%) of the respondents employed both labour and family together. Marital status, level of education and awareness of improved poultry production techniques were significant(X2=6.136,P<0.05) and X2=19.679,P<0.05).Also there was no significant relationship between farmers awareness of poultry production techniques and training needs( X2=1.016,P<0.05).It is hereby recommended that seminar/workshops should be regularly organized for the poultry farmers on the best practices that will save the cost of feeds and reduce mortality in their poultry production techniques.

Keywords: Small scale, commercial, poultry, farmers, training, technique.


eISSN: 1597-0906