Determinants of total factor productivity in rain-fed lowland rice production system in Nigeria

  • OI Akintayo
  • MAY Rahji
Keywords: Rain-fed, lowland rice, total factor productivity


Nigeria ranks highest as both producer and consumer of rice in the West African sub-region and has a very high potential of becoming a major producer and exporter of rice in the region, yet the country currently is not able to meet up with the domestic rice demand. Rain-fed upland and lowland ecologies constitute 80-85% of the national cultivated rice land and contribute 73-80% of total rice production. These two rice ecologies are noted to have the potential to meet national rice demand. This study examines the determinants of total factor productivity in the rain-fed lowland rice production system. Through a multi-stage sampling technique, a total of 151 rice farmers were selected and data collected through structured questionnaire. Results indicate significant positive effects of extension visits, commercialization level, farming experience and family labour on total factor productivity. Appropriate programs and policies in relation to these factors could further enhance productivity towards meeting the national demand for rice.

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eISSN: 1597-0906