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Xi Jinping, China, Africa, and Global Realignment

Macharia Munene


This presentation is on “Xi Jinping, China, Africa, and Global Realignment”. It deals with the changing power relations and how various countries and regions react to those changes.

 Roughly two years ago, the international version of Central China Television, CCTV, changed its name and brand to that of China Global Television Network, CGTN. The objective was to defend and promote Chinese policies globally probably in competition with other giant global television networks in advancing the interests of their home countries. The BBC, for instance, makes effort, mostly in subtle ways, to promote British policies worldwide and sound credible. CGTN was seemingly to do the same for China. It initially established two global broadcast centers, the main one in Beijing and the second one in Nairobi to cover the entire Africa. Then it added Washington as the third center. Thus CGTN drives Xi Jinping’s development global agenda from the triangular perspective of Beijing, Nairobi, and Washington. This is part of China’s global power projection.

Key words: Xi Jinping, China, Africa, Geopolitics, Policy