Learning and Teaching College Algebra at University level: Challenges and Opportunities: A Case Study of USIU

  • Nadezha Pavlovna Okello United States International University Kenya


This study sets out to establish the reasons why many students had difficulty in solving mathematical problems. Questionnaires distributed to six hundred and fifty students undertaking College Algebra over a period of three semesters of my teaching College Algebra at USIU in 2007 yielded responses which confirmed that indeed most of the students had difficulty in mathematics and gave varied reasons why this was the case. Lack of persistence, determination and confidence in oneself were some of the reasons established as the main obstacles that hinder most students from enjoying an otherwise exciting and interesting course. Further analysis of the performance of every student right from his/her final mathematics results at school upto his/her final mathematics examination results at the Fall 2007 in College Algebra gave additional reasons, stated else where in this study, for their poor performance in College Algebra.

Key words:     Mathematics, college algebra, confidence, persistence, determination, performance.

Author Biography

Nadezha Pavlovna Okello, United States International University Kenya

Mrs Okello is a lecturer in mathematics at the United States International University.


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eISSN: 1998-1279