Diabetes Mellitus in Abia State University Teaching Hospital Aba, A 30 Months Retrospective Study

  • IEK Mba
Keywords: Diabetic Mellitus, ABSUTH


Diabetes mellitus has a world distribution though the prevalence shows regional and ethnic differences. The emphasis now is on prevention of the diabetes scourge globally. There is the need therefore to establish base line information on the extent of this disease in our environment hence this retrospective analysis. Two hundred and eight six case notes of patients (157 males and 129 females) admitted for diabetes mellitus (January 1995 to June 1997) were retrieved and analyzed. The mean age was 49.1 + 13.3 years and mean duration of diabetes 6.4 + 4.6 years. Over 50% were traders while 2.1% were manual workers. Others were civil servants 24.1% private worker 16.1% and student 2.8%. Diabetic coma was the most frequently documented complication 34% then diabetic foot ulcers, nephropathy, diabetic eye disease and peripheral neuropathy at 24.5%, 20.8%, 13.2% and 7.5% respectively. Only 21% were treated with insulin while 79% were treated with oral hypoglycemic agents and or diet alone. About 10% of the mortality in patients during the period of review were related to diabetic mellitus. There is need for improved recur keeping, progress notes documentation, and the management of diabetic mellitus and its complications.

Key Words: Diabetic Mellitus, ABSUTH

Jnl of Medical Investigation and Practice Vol.2 2001: 48-51

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