Journal of Medical Investigation and Practice

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Anaemia in Pregnancy in Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba

C Aluka, AN Amadi, CI Kamnu, PA Fey-Waboso


A prospective study of incidence of anaemia in pregnancy at Abia state University Teaching Hospital, Aba was conducted over a six-month period spanning from 31st January 2000 to 31st July 2000. The incidence of anaemia in pregnancy was 29%. The vast majority (97.6%) had mild anaemia. The result showed that most of the anaemic pregnant women were in the age range 26 – 30 years and that the anaemia was mainly mild. Most of the patients were traders. The highest frequency of Anaemia was found to occur in the second trimester (51.2%) and was more prevalent amongst multiparous women (19.0%). The most commonly associated condition was nutritional deficiency followed by malaria.

Key Words: Anaemia, Pregnancy, Management and Incidence

Jnl of Medical Investigation and Practice Vol.2 2001: 58-61

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