Dynamic response to moving concentrated masses of uniform Rayleigh beams resting on variable winkler elastic foundation

  • ST Oni


The response of uniform Rayleigh bean, carrying moving masses, resting on variable Winkler elastic foundations is investigated in this work. The governing equation is a fourth order partial differential equation. For the solution of this problem, in the first instance, Galerkin's method was used. The Galerkin equation representing the coefficient of the response is then solved using the modified asymptotic method of Struble. It is observed that the transverse deflections of the uniform Rayleigh beam under the actions of moving masses are higher than the deflections when only the force effects of the moving load are considered. Therefore, the moving force solution could be misleading. Also the analysis show that the response amplitudes of both moving force and moving mass problems decrease both with increasing Foundation modulus K and with increasing Rotatory inertia correction factor Ro.

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol. 9 2005: pp. 151-164