Numerical solution of heat and mass transfer in MHD flow in the presence of chemical reaction and Arrhenius heat generation of a stretched vertical permeable membrane

  • A M Okedoye
  • R O Ayeni


We present a magnetohydrodynamic flow of a uniformly stretched vertical permeable surface undergoing Arrhenius heat reaction. It is shown that the temperature, concentration and the velocity fields depend on the chemical reaction parameter. The values of temperature field increase as the order of the reaction increases, while that of velocity field decreases as the order reaction increases. Moreover, the reactant field decreases faster as we move away form the wall as we increase the reaction parameter. This paper also shows that the temperature field and reacting layers get thinner as the heat deposit Q per unit mass increases while the velocity field and the boundary layer get thinner as thermal Grashof number increases. We also show that magnetic induction and cooling of the plate (thermal Grashof number Grt>0) lowers the velocity field.

JONAMP Vol. 11 2007: pp. 111-118

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eISSN: 1116-4336