Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Compilation of Instantaneous Source Functions for Varying Architecture of a Layered Reservoir with Mixed Boundaries and Horizontal Well Completion Part III: B-Shaped Architecture with Vertical Well in the Upper Layer

ES Adewole


Two-layered reservoirs with a vertical well in the top layer and with letter ‘B’ architecture, is encountered very frequently in practice. Instantaneous source functions, which can be utilized in constructing pressure distributions for the purpose of fully characterizing such reservoirs, are derived in this paper.
Results show that sixty-four (64) different variations are possible, as a result of six (6) different external boundaries, which may be considered sealed or constant-pressured. With the interface also considered as a constant-pressure boundary, it is observed that the more the number of constant-pressure external boundaries, the fewer the source functions that could be written and vice-versa. Furthermore, only sources of the kind I(i) can be written for the vertical wells while sources of the kinds I(i), vi(i) and iii(i) are possible for only the x-axes of the horizontal well layer.

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