Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Analytical Solutions To Describe Juxtaposed Sands

AA Adeniji, GK Falade


Mathematical (linear diffusion) equations are presented for two pseudoreservoir regions intersected by fault that describe the effects of partial communicating fault on pressure transient behaviour for each fault block. Green’s and source function technique solve these equations. A two-well system is considered for the reservoir, on one block is the active well, which is producing at constant rate and the second well, the observation well on the other side of the fault, is shut in at all times. An analytical solution is presented for each block, and parametric group that uniquely determines specific transmissibility ratio of the fault to reservoir is identified. They are initially developed for well testing with measured sand face flow rate, but can be extended, using convolution integral that can be deconvolved by Laplace transformation, to correct for storage capacity of the well bore and near well bore complexities. These solutions can improve design and analysis of interference testing. Type curves are presented to characterize flow regime as predicted by Boudet et al. from which reservoir parameter can be estimated.

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