Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Numerical Investigation of Asynchronous Machines: A Comparism of Experimental With Computer Simulation Approaches in the Determination of Per Phase Machines Parameters

So Igbinovia


Performance analysis of a three-phase, star/delta connected, 1.1kW, 380V, 50Hz, 2.6A rated current having inertia 0.0023Kg/m2 was carried out in this work. This was realized through experimental test such as; dc test, block rotor test, no-load test and load test. Using the machine parameters obtained from the test results, the simulation was carried out machine parameters were used in MATLAB/ SIMULINK ENVIRONMENT. Operating characteristics such as; torque/speed, current/speed, speed/power, torque/power, current/power and torque/slip using parameters from the experimental tests were compared with the simulated. Results obtained from the correlation showed no remarkable difference. The Investigation revealed that the aggregate time involve in the physical experiment, laborious computing and plotting of the relationships with the swift and reliable output from the simulations, simulation mode outstand the analytical method of demonstrating machines performance characteristics.

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