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Game Theory and its Relationship with Linear Programming Models

M Ighodae
PO Ekoko


The emphasis in operations research in building models seeks to find optimal solutions to real life problems. The birth of operations research has placed a formidable tool in the hand of policy makers saddled with the duty of making decisions particularly in the business world. Game theory, a branch of operations research, has been successfully applied to solve various categories of problems arising from human decisions making characterized by the complexity of situations and the limits of individual processing abilities. This paper shows that game theory and linear programming problem are closely related subjects since any computing method devised for one of these theories can be used to solve problems arising in the other. It turns out that every game problem can be computed by converting it into a related linear programming problem, and every linear programming problem can be artificially converted into a game problem which as a result leads to a super linear programming problem.

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eISSN: 1116-4336