Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Modelling the Flow of Water in Stratified Layers of Sand

OI Popoola, JA Adegoke, OO Alabi


The phenomenon of deflection of flow of water in porous media of different
porosities with porosity ratio,Ψ , is similar to the fact that there is deviation in fluid flow in a pair of media of different densities. Theoretically, the  relationship between preferred direction of flow of water,Θ , and the sand layers of porosity ratio, Ψ was found to be cosΘ = ny while experimentally it was obtained to be cosΘ =1.98 lnΨ + 1.13 (0.5951Ψ0.9634).Thereafter, when the theoretical equation was compared with the experimental result, the value of n ranging from 0 to 1 were found to be appropriate for the theoretical equation to be valid.

Key words: porosity ratio, inlet pipe, outlet pipe, deflection angle.

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