Development of Methods For Determining The Lateral Surface of Tank

  • R Ehigiator – Irughe
  • MO Ehigiator


Ensuring the security and life of civil engineering structures is paramount to the designer, the users and the environment. To this end, it is necessary to carry out periodic monitoring of structures. The monitoring of Civil engineering structures is not limited to Geomatics Engineers only. Other professional are also involved in structural monitoring with a view of ensuring its safety and integrity. In the paper we develop a Geomatics technique of structural deformation study. The approach divides the storage tank with diameter of 76.2m and 22m high into circular cross section with points distributed to cover the perimeter of the cross section. These monitoring points (studs) were situated at equal distances on the outer surface of the tanks and located around the tank base. Geodetic Total Station instruments were setup at these monitoring stations (occupied stations) and observations carried out to determine the  coordinates of monitoring points on the tank surface. In the past  traditional geodetic was used which was time consuming, and problematic data acquisition and analysis. The new technique is very fast, cost  effective, continuous data acquisition, compactable with computer Aided design (CAD), and the easy of developing digital terrain model (DTM) with the data. We also presented the mathematical model and least squares technique necessary for the deformation measurement and analysis.

Key words: Monitoring, deformation, diameter, oil volume, intersection, accuracy, oil tanks.


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eISSN: 1116-4336