Clark and Reza-Latif-Shabgahi Algorithm for the Determination of the Minimal Cut-Sets of the Fault Tree of Pipeline Failure in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

  • GO Ariavie
  • GC Ovuworie
  • SS Ariavie


We apply the straight forward algorithm developed by Clark and Reza-Latif-Shabgahi bottom-up method in determining the minimal cut-sets of the modified fault tree of pipeline failure in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria occasioned by third party activity. It employs the bottom –up technique, producing a table containing the cut – sets for each event in the tree. In
all, fifty-two basic events interconnected by six AND logic gates and twenty-one OR logic gates, were analyzed resulting in thirty minimal First-order cut sets, twelve minimal Thirdorder cut sets and sixteen Fourth-order minimal cut sets. Of importance is the twenty-eight minimal First cut sets since higher order cut sets have lower possibility of  occurrences.

Keywords: Fault tree, event, codes, Minimal cut-set, Binary code.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336