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Binding Energy and Compression Modulus of Infinite Nuclear Matter Derived from Variational Calculation

JO Fiase
Frederick Gbaorun


The determination of binding energy per nucleon of infinite nuclear matter and its compression modulus has been a great challenge for nuclear physicists for many decades. In this work we have calculated the binding energy and compression modulus k of infinite nuclear matter from a density-dependent potential derived from a variational approach. The density-dependent potential reproduces the binding energy of nuclear matter of approximately -16 MeV at the normal nuclear matter saturation density consistent with the best available density-dependent potentials derived from the G-matrix approach. The results of the incompressibility modulus, k is in excellent agreement with the results of other workers.

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, Volume 19 (November, 2011), pp 615 – 618

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eISSN: 1116-4336