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Vol 19 (2011) 100 Years of Superconductivity: The Past, The Present And The Future Quest for a Generalized Theory Abstract
Godfrey E Akpojotor
Vol 19 (2011) 3-D Spatial Analysis of Deformation at Ikpoba Dam From GPS Data Abstract
JO Ehiorobo, R Ehigiator-Irughe
Vol 19 (2011) 3Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The Polytechnic, Ibadan Abstract
OA Ajala, O Adeyemo, O Adebimpe, AA Araromi
Vol 10 (2006) A 2-dimensional finite element simulation of cooling in castings Abstract
JA Akpobi, I A Lawani
Vol 9 (2005) A 5-step maximal order method for direct solution of second order Ordinary Differential Equations Abstract
SJ Kayode, D O Awoyemi
Vol 15 (2009) A bagging approach to network intrusion detection Abstract
Adebayo O Adetunmbi
Vol 19 (2011) A bi-diagonal method for finding the determinant of a matrix Abstract
Abdulhadi Aminu, Abdulkadir Datti
Vol 12 (2008) A Chebyshev-collation approach for a continuous formulation of hybrid methods for initial value problems in ordinary differential equations Abstract
RB Adeniyi, MO Alabi, RO Folaranmi
Vol 18 (2011) A Class of Convergent Rational Runge-Kutta Schemes for solution Of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) Abstract
PO Babatola
Vol 12 (2008) A class of stiffly stable hybrid second derivative continuous linear multistep methods for stiff IVPs in ODEs Abstract
RI Okuonghae, MNO Ikhile
Vol 12 (2008) A comparative study of two different embedding funcitons Abstract
SO Azi, E Aghemenloh, JOA Idiodi
Vol 17 (2010) A Comparative Study on Lognormal and Gamma Distributions for Life and Reliability of Kamag Machine Abstract
CE Obianadil, JI Mbegbu
Vol 12 (2008) A constrained optimal stochastic production planning model Abstract
AC Okoroafor, GU Achi
Vol 14 (2009) A continuous-time control model on production planning network Abstract
DEA Omorogbe, MIU Okunsebor
Vol 16 (2010) A Cost Control Policy for Material Requirements Planning and Procurements. Abstract
KJ Bassey, FB Adebola, CN Okoro
Vol 9 (2005) A cubic interpolation algorithm for solving non-linear equations Abstract
PU Ohirhian
Vol 14 (2009) A derivative and integral characterization of real-valued convex functions of single variable through the geometric chord property Abstract
PE Ezimadu, JN Igabari
Vol 18 (2011) A Deterministic Approach to Noise Attenuation in Oil and Gas Seismic Data Acquisition Abstract
EC Obinabo, EN Anukwu
Vol 17 (2010) A Differential Equation for Downhill Compressible Flow in Pipes and Its Solution Abstract
PU Ohirhian, BU Anyata
Vol 8 (2004) A discretized algorithm for the solution of a constrained, continuous quadratic control problem Abstract
S A Olorunsola, O Olotu
Vol 20 (2012) A Factorial Study of Electricity Supply in Nigeria Abstract
AC Igboanugo, EO Popoola, GC Ovuworie
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) A Factorial Study of Electricity Supply in Nigeria Abstract
AC Igboanugo, EO Popoola, GC Ovuworie
Vol 10 (2006) A family of block methods for special second order initial value problems [I.V.Ps]. Abstract
VA Aladeselu
Vol 16 (2010) A Fast Algorithm for Generating Permutation Distribution of Ranks in a K-Sample Experiment. Abstract
F Ewere, SM Ogbonmwan
Vol 19 (2011) A Fifth Order Hybrid Linear Multistep method For the Direct Solution Of ym = f (x, y) Abstract
Umaru Mohammed
Vol 16 (2010) A Flow Formula For Submerged Rectangular Weirs Abstract
CS Okoli
Vol 15 (2009) A flow in a trough: An integral equations formulation Abstract
PB Shola
Vol 18 (2011) A Formula for the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Crude Oils Abstract
PU Ohirhian
Vol 16 (2010) A Four-Step Block Hybrid Adams-Moulton Methods For The Solution of First Order Initial Value Problems In ODEs Abstract
YA Yahaya, AM Sokoto
Vol 9 (2005) A fourth order exponentially-fitted multiderivative method for Stiff initial value problems Abstract
FO Otunta, CE Abhulimen
Vol 11 (2007) A free-boundary value problem related to auto ignition of combustible fluid in insulation materials. Abstract
AO Popoola, R O Ayeni
Vol 10 (2006) A generalised interpolating post–processing method for integral equation Abstract
V U Aihie
Vol 16 (2010) A Generalised Mixed Boundary Value Problem For A Cylinder Under Anti- Plane Strain Abstract
MO Oyesanya, JE Okeke
Vol 11 (2007) A Genetic algorithm for evaluating the zeros (roots) of polynomial functions, optimizing and solving n-dimensional systems of equations Abstract
JA Akpobi, ED Akpobi
Vol 12 (2008) A geoelectrical investigation for ground water at Ivorri-Irri in Isoko Local Government area of Delta state Abstract
EE Aigbekaen, F Ighrakpata
Vol 12 (2008) A geophysical study of structural foundations in Omolayo area, Ibadan, Nigeria Abstract
VC Ozebo, OO Odusote, G Omisore, AI Ibiyemi
Vol 12 (2008) A heat model for temperature distribution in a laptop computer Abstract
FK Gbaorun, B Ikyo
Vol 19 (2011) A Key Generation Model for Improving the Security of Cryptographic Keys Abstract
Annie O Egwali
Vol 19 (2011) A Linear Multistep Method with Continuous coefficients for Solving First Order Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Abstract
Umaru Mohammed
Vol 30 (2015) A Line-Tau Collocation Method for Partial Differential Equations Abstract
TA Biala, RB Adeniyi
Vol 19 (2011) A Mathematical Model and Simulation of Lime Shaft Kilns Abstract
RO Olayiwola
Vol 10 (2006) A mathematical model for Lassa fever Abstract
D Okuonghae, R Okuonghae
Vol 14 (2009) A mathematical model for malaria treating both sensitive and resistant strains in a multigroup population Abstract
S Aneke
Vol 14 (2009) A mathematical model for predicting earthquake occurrence Abstract
MO Oyesanya, OC Collins
Vol 30 (2015) A Mathematical Model for the Comparative Study of the Blast Response of Aluminium and Steel Panels Abstract
MH Oladeinde, E Nwankwo, SO Osuji, E Osamor
Vol 18 (2011) A Mathematical Model for the Interception of a Moving Target Abstract
VA Iheagwam, CA Nse, DE Mbonu
Vol 11 (2007) A mathematical model for the interception of a moving target: contribution to optimal controllability theory Abstract
A E Eyo
Vol 30 (2015) A Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Injectivity Decline Abstract
IO Odeh, PU Giegbefumwen
Vol 17 (2010) A Mathematical Model Of Ageing In Man Due To Gene Loss Abstract
GCE Mbah, BA Ngwu
Vol 14 (2009) A mathematical model of combustion kinetics of municipal solid waste (MSW) Abstract
RO Olayiwola, M Jiya, YM Aiyesimi
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