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Vol 18 (2011) Modeling Economic Planning for Exhaustible Natural Resources Abstract
KI Idigbe, AA Adeniji
Vol 18 (2011) Modeling Hiv Epidemic Under Contact Tracing - A Remark Abstract
TO Oluyo, RO Ayeni
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Modeling the effect of operating variables on sorption of PAHs from aqueous streams onto orange peels using artificial neural network pattern recognition. Abstract
CN Owabor, AA Issa
Vol 15 (2009) Modelling atmospheric temperature rise due to pollutants and its implications on agriculture Abstract
RO Ayeni, FR Sodique
Vol 8 (2004) Modelling chaotic Hamiltonian systems as a Markov Chain Abstract
O O Popoola, R Akin-Ojo
Vol 30 (2015) Modelling Convergence of Finite Element Analysis of Cantilever Beam Abstract
SO Osuji, SA Adegbemileke
Vol 18 (2011) Modelling Mobility in Mobile AD-HOC Network Environments Abstract
M Ekpenyong, J Isabona
Vol 30 (2015) Modelling Monthly Mental Sickness Cases Using Principal Component Regression Method Abstract
Patrick O Aye
Vol 18 (2011) Modelling of California Bearing Ratio with Unconfined Compressive Strength for Cement Stabilized Laterite Soil Abstract
SD Iyeke, SO Osuji
Vol 12 (2008) Modelling the dynamics of tuberculosis in Nigeria Abstract
D Okuonghae
Vol 18 (2011) Modelling the Flow of Water in Stratified Layers of Sand Abstract
OI Popoola, JA Adegoke, OO Alabi
Vol 14 (2009) Modelling the Nigerian Defence Academy cadets’ monthly sick-parade using time series classical decomposition method Abstract
MO Oladejo, LU Okafor
Vol 30 (2015) Modelling the Time Series Data of the Impact of the Infection Rate on the Viral Load of the Virions Abstract
EN Ekaka-a, ND Nwiabu, IA Agwu
Vol 8 (2004) Momentum distributions and compton profiles of copper and aluminium Abstract
O O Odusote
Vol 18 (2011) Motion of Moving Concentrated Loads on a Simply-Supported Non-Uniform Rayleigh Beam with Non-Classical Boundary Conditions Abstract
ST Oni, SO Ajibola
Vol 19 (2011) Mott Transition of Cerium Compound CeCu2Si2 in the Anderson Model. Abstract
Omamoke OE Enaroseha, Benjamin E Iyorzor, John OA Idiodi
Vol 18 (2011) Multi-Level Risk Assessment of a Power Plant Gas Turbine Applying the Criticality Index Model Abstract
JI Achebo
Vol 8 (2004) Multi-valued solution of the Burgers' equation and shock Determination I. Abstract
V E Asor
Vol 16 (2010) Multivariate Exponential Autoregressive and Autoregressive Moving Average Models Abstract
SM Umar, I Yusuf
Vol 20 (2012) Multivariate Marshall and Olkin Exponential Minification Process Abstract
SM Umar
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Multivariate Marshall and Olkin Exponential Minification Process Abstract
SM Umar
Vol 16 (2010) Multivariate Pareto Minification Processes Abstract
SM Umar
Vol 15 (2009) Multivariate semi-logistic distribution and processes Abstract
SM Umar
Vol 10 (2006) Necessity and sufficiency conditions for the absolute null controllability for Linear delay perturbations Abstract
CA Nse, RA Umana
Vol 16 (2010) Neuro - Fuzzy Analysis for Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grains Production. Abstract
AO Odior, FA Oyawale, JA Akpobi, ES Orsharh
Vol 10 (2006) Neutrino mass Abstract
A Nduka
Vol 30 (2015) New Implicit General Linear Method Abstract
MO Ibrahim, A Mustafa
Vol 10 (2006) New One-Boson-Exchange Potential functions Abstract
JO Fiase, F Gbaorun, LK Sharma
Vol 11 (2007) Newton\'s equation of motion in the gravitational field of an oblate earth Abstract
D D Bakwa, Y Y Jabil
Vol 9 (2005) Non-uniqueness in the interpretation of resistivity sounding – II Abstract
O Egwebe, SO Ifedlili
Vol 8 (2004) Non-uniqueness in the interpretation of resistivity sounding –I Abstract
O Egwebe, S O Ifedili
Vol 9 (2005) Non-well posed evolution equations and Fredholm operators Abstract
M O Egwurube, E J Garba
Vol 17 (2010) Normalizer Of Subloops Abstract
SO Ajala
Vol 9 (2005) Null controllability criterion for discrete nonlinear systems with distributed delays in the control: A fixed point approach Abstract
CA Nse
Vol 15 (2009) Null controllability of nonlinear neutral volterra integrodifferential systems with infinite delay Abstract
RA Umana
Vol 15 (2009) Number of permutations with a given cycle structure Abstract
Ali Bashir, MS Audu
Vol 15 (2009) Numerical calculation of the ground state of Helium atom using Hyllerass algorithm Abstract
Fatima Salmanu Koki
Vol 16 (2010) Numerical calculations of ground state energy of H2 molecule using quantum Monte Carlo methods Abstract
AB Suleiman, IOB Ewa
Vol 15 (2009) Numerical computation of the optimal control model of higher-order nondispersive wave with the extended conjugate gradient algorithm Abstract
Ifeanyi S Ukwosa, Sunday A Reju, Victor O Waziri
Vol 18 (2011) Numerical Integration of Stiff System of Ordinary Differential Equations with a New K-step Rational Runge-Kutta Method Abstract
PO Babatola, RA Ademiluyi, EA Areo
Vol 10 (2006) Numerical integrators for Stiff and Stiff oscillatory First Order initial value problems Abstract
VA Aladeselu
Vol 17 (2010) Numerical Investigation of Asynchronous Machines: A Comparism of Experimental With Computer Simulation Approaches in the Determination of Per Phase Machines Parameters Abstract
So Igbinovia
Vol 17 (2010) Numerical Modeling of a Rayleigh Step and Multi Step Slider Bearings using Finite Difference Method Abstract
MH Oladeinde, JA Akpobi
Vol 30 (2015) Numerical Performances of Two Orthogonal Polynomials in the Tau Method for Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations Abstract
BM Yisa
Vol 8 (2004) Numerical simulation of hole injection in high barrier metal-semiconductor short diodes Abstract
M G Kana, R K Odunaike, A A Oberafo
Vol 17 (2010) Numerical Solution for M/G/1 Queueing System Using ETAQA Abstract
SA Ojobor
Vol 11 (2007) Numerical solution of heat and mass transfer in MHD flow in the presence of chemical reaction and Arrhenius heat generation of a stretched vertical permeable membrane Abstract
A M Okedoye, R O Ayeni
Vol 17 (2010) Numerical Solutions of Generalized Burger’s-Huxley Equation by Modified Variational Iteration Method Abstract
MO Olayiwola, AW Gbolagade, FO Akinpelu
Vol 19 (2011) Numerical Study of Machine Tool Spindle Design with Focus On Blank Dimensional Accuracy Abstract
Joseph I Achebo
Vol 12 (2008) Off-grid points exploitation in the development of more accurate collocation method for solving ODEs Abstract
DO Awoyemi, RA Ademiluyi, E Amuseghan
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