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Vol 10 (2006) On a differential subordination of some certain subclass of Univalent function Abstract
YO Aderinto
Vol 15 (2009) On a dynamic costs optimality for a production company Abstract
Iwebuke Charles Nkeki, Chukwuma Raphael Nwozo
Vol 14 (2009) On a lightly damped elastic quadratic model structure modulated by a dynamic periodic load Abstract
AM Ette
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) On a Numerical Comparison of the Proposed Randomized Response Technique with Hussain and Shabbir Abstract
FB Adebola, AO Adepetun
Vol 14 (2009) On a randomly imperfect spherical cap pressurized by a random dynamic load Abstract
AM Ette
Vol 10 (2006) On a Subclass of analytic function Abstract
AT Oladipo
Vol 11 (2007) On a two–small–parameter dynamic stability of a lightly damped spherical shell pressurized by a harmonic excitation Abstract
AM Ette
Vol 16 (2010) On A Two-Stage Supply Chain Model In The Manufacturing Industry Abstract
BE Afolabi, OG Iyam, CR Nwozo
Vol 9 (2005) On actions of algebraic groups Abstract
HO Omokaro
Vol 12 (2008) On an improved convergence rate estimate obtained by Liwel Liu Abstract
AA Mogbademu, OA Akinfenwa
Vol 30 (2015) On Bond Pricing with Jumps in Interest Rates Abstract
Michael C Anyanwu
Vol 18 (2011) On certain isotopic maps of central loops Abstract
JO Adeniran, YT Oyebo, D Mohammed
Vol 20 (2012) On Certain Sufficient Conditions For A Function To Be Close-To-Convex Function Abstract
Abolape D Akwu, Monsurat A Ganiyu, M Jimoh
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) On Certain Sufficient Conditions For A Function To Be Close-To-Convex Function Abstract
DA Abolape, AG Monsurat, M Jimoh
Vol 16 (2010) On Coefficient Bounds of A Subclass of Univalent Functions Abstract
AT Oladipo, TO Opoola
Vol 10 (2006) On compactoid and limited sets in non-Archimedean locally convex spaces Abstract
H O Omokaro
Vol 15 (2009) On congruence lattices Abstract
Adewale O Oduwale, Cecil B Adejayan, Steve D Oluwaniyi
Vol 30 (2015) On Extended Exponential General Linear Methods PSQ with S>Q Abstract
FE Bazuaye
Vol 10 (2006) On finitely many fixed points Abstract
JO Olaleru
Vol 15 (2009) On full order autoregressive model fitting Abstract
Ette Harrison Etuk
Vol 30 (2015) On Ionization and Porosity in MHD Couette Flow of a Two-Component Plasma Abstract
MA Alabraba
Vol 10 (2006) On iterative solution of non-linear equation Abstract
O Ogbereyivwe, O Izevbizua
Vol 12 (2008) On non-commutative L, spaces over quasilocal von neumann algebra Abstract
Y Ibrahim
Vol 30 (2015) On Non-Commutative Rhotrix Groups over Finite Fields Abstract
A Mohammed, UE Okon
Vol 12 (2008) On optimal design of low-pass electronic filter using Chebyshev polynomial response Abstract
FM Aderibigbe, TA Adewale
Vol 9 (2005) On recent developments on the embedded atom method Abstract
AA Oni-Ojo, E Aghemenloh, JOA Idiodi
Vol 11 (2007) On regular algebraic monoids Abstract
AO Oduwale
Vol 16 (2010) On Some Algebraic Properties of Generalized Groupd Abstract
JO Adeniran, JT Akinmoyewa, ART Solarin, TG Jaiyeola
Vol 11 (2007) On some functional associated with certain coefficient problems Abstract
KO Babalola
Vol 17 (2010) On Some Generalization of the Eigenvectors Properties Abstract
AT Fatigun, DSY David
Vol 30 (2015) On Some New Extensions and Generalizations of Eneström-Kakeya Theorem Abstract
Nurudeen T. Azeez, Adesanmi A. Mogbademu
Vol 8 (2004) On strongly correlated N-electron systems Abstract
E A Enaibe, G E Akpojotor, E Aghemenloh, J O Fiase, J O Idiodi
Vol 30 (2015) On Subgroups of Non-Commutative General Rhotrix Group Abstract
A Mohammed, UE Okon
Vol 10 (2006) On temperature control of buildings by adobe wall design: Duffin and Knowles' exponential transmission line model revisited Abstract
EE Iheonu
Vol 20 (2012) On The Algorithm for Dynamic Restoring Control Problems with Matrix Coefficients Abstract
O Olotu, SA Olorunsola
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) On The Algorithm for Dynamic Restoring Control Problems with Matrix Coefficients Abstract
O Olotu, SA Olorunsola
Vol 18 (2011) On The Analysis of The Stability Functions Of Order Three And Four Numerical Integrator for Initial Value Problems Abstract
AO Elakhe
Vol 8 (2004) On the application of Dijkstra\'s algorithms in solving the GSM Network problem Abstract
A W Gbolagade, R K Odunaike, Z O Ogunwobi
Vol 16 (2010) On the application of Discrete Time Optimal Control Concepts to Economic Problems Abstract
JS Apanapudor
Vol 15 (2009) On the Arrhenius reacting flow over a stretching sheet in the presence of magnetic field Abstract
OB Ayeni, AW Gbolagade
Vol 18 (2011) On The Choice of a Completely Randomized Design with Emphasis On The D-Optimality Criterion Abstract
DO Iruegbukpe, JI Mbegbu
Vol 9 (2005) On the compatibility of approximate solution of linear equations with given error bounds for coefficients and right sides. Abstract
LA Fakande, IF Arunaye
Vol 12 (2008) On the control of pure inertia plant using a hybrid of sequential variation of extremals and invariant costate imbedding algorithms Abstract
TA Adewale, FM Aderibigbe
Vol 8 (2004) On the convergence of the dynamic series solution of a constrained elastic column subjected to wind gust Abstract
J A Gbadeyan, E O Titiloye
Vol 9 (2005) On the convergence of the extended conjugate gradient method for discrete optimal control problems (DOCP) Abstract
J S Apanapudor, FO Otunta
Vol 10 (2006) On the convergence profile of a discretized scheme for a two-dimensional constrained optimal control problem Abstract
O Olotu, SA Olorunsola
Vol 8 (2004) On the Cooley-Turkey Fast Fourier algorithm for arbitrary factors Abstract
A o Atonuje, I N Njoshe
Vol 18 (2011) On the Densities of the Scale-Invariant Statistics of the Multiple and Partial Correlation Coefficients Abstract
JN Igabari
Vol 19 (2011) On The Dynamic Analysis of A Simply Supported Rectangular Plate Abstract
IO Abiala, BO Bolaji
Vol 16 (2010) On The Dynamic Analysis of Non-Uniform Beams Under Uniformly Distributed Moving Loads Abstract
IO Abiala
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