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Vol 16 (2010) On Typical Elastic Problem of Green’s Function For Rectangular Strip Using The Method of Separation Of Variables. Abstract
PJ Udoh, UA Abasiekwere, EE Ekong
Vol 10 (2006) One Leg hybrid P-stable substitution LMM for oscilatory IVPs in ODEs. Abstract
MN Ikhile, MV Ayo
Vol 16 (2010) Onset of thermal instability in a low Prandtl number fluid with internal heat source in a porous medium Abstract
C Israel-Cookey, VB Omubo-Pepple
Vol 15 (2009) Optical characteristics of crystalline antimony sulphide (Sb2S3) thin film Abstract
DU Onah, EI Ugwu
Vol 18 (2011) Optimal 3-Point Symmetric Quadratic Regression Designs for the Number of Trials, N £ 7 Abstract
JI Mbegbu
Vol 11 (2007) Optimal control of neutral systems with nonlinear base (The maximum principle perspective) Abstract
CA Nse, A N Eke
Vol 17 (2010) Optimal Orthogonal Second-order Designs Abstract
UC Nduka
Vol 18 (2011) Optimal Safety Earthing – Earth Electrode Sizing Using A Deterministic Approach Abstract
EU Ubeku, OK Ogbeide
Vol 19 (2011) Optimisation of Transfer Function Models using Genetic Algorithms Abstract
AC Igboanugo, CC Nwobi-Okoye
Vol 19 (2011) Optimisation of Transfer Function Models using Genetic Algorithms Abstract
AC Igboanugo, CC Nwobi-Okoye
Vol 19 (2011) Optimization of Gas Flow Network using the Traveling Salesman And the Nearest Neighbors Algorithms Abstract
PN Onwuachi-Iheagwara, ES Adewole
Vol 14 (2009) Optimization of the compressive strength of five-component-concrete mix using Scheffe’s theory –a case study of mound soil concrete Abstract
OU Orie, NN Osadebe
Vol 10 (2006) Optmizied random phase approximation for the phase diagram of C60 material Abstract
F Matthew-Ojelabi, KA Aduloju
Vol 15 (2009) Oscillatory behaviour of solutions of linear neutral differential equations with several time lags driven by space-time noise Abstract
Augustine O Atonuje
Vol 16 (2010) Oscillatory Flow of solutions of Random and Stochastic Delay Differential Equations with Multi-Variable Delays Generated by Noise Perturbation Abstract
AO Atonuje
Vol 30 (2015) Overcoming Spurious Regression Using time-Varying Fourier Amplitude Approach Abstract
Uchenwa Linus Okafor, Michael Olatunji Oladejo, Darius Tienhna Chinyio, Celestine Ozoemenan Uwa
Vol 15 (2009) Pack nitriding of aluminium using cassava waste Abstract
MBO Shitta, AK Aladenika, KA Aduloju
Vol 18 (2011) Padé – Type Integrators for Initial Value Problems Abstract
USU Aashikpelokhai
Vol 17 (2010) Parameter Estimation And Hypothesis Testing In A Two Epoch Dam Deformation Measurement Abstract
JO Ehiorobo, GC Ovuworie
Vol 18 (2011) Performance Assessment of a Class of Industrial Fans With Substantial Process Variability for On-Condition Monitoring and Contol System Design Abstract
CU Ochonogoe, EC Obinabo
Vol 18 (2011) Performance Evaluation of A Developed Variable Frequency Drive: For Speed Control of Asynchronous Machines Use as Induction Generators Abstract
SO Igbinovia, PA Kuale
Vol 9 (2005) Performances of estimators of linear auto-correlated error model with exponential independent variable. Abstract
JC Nwabueze
Vol 9 (2005) Performances of estimators of linear model with auto-correlated error terms when the independent variable is normal Abstract
JC Nwabueze
Vol 14 (2009) Periodic solutions for a boundary value problem of a third order ordinary differential equation Abstract
HM Ogbu
Vol 14 (2009) Periodic solutions of a certain nonlinear boundary value problem (BVP) of a fourth order differential equation Abstract
HM Ogbu, AE Umahi
Vol 10 (2006) Periodic solutions of periodic differential equations Abstract
FAJ Bello
Vol 19 (2011) Permutative semigroup whose congruences form a chain Abstract
Adewale Oladipo Oduwale
Vol 10 (2006) Perturbation analysis on the dynamic buckling of a lightly damped spherical cap modulated by a slowly varying sinusoidal load (1) Abstract
AM Ette
Vol 15 (2009) Perturbation appraisal of the dynamic buckling of an elastic model structure pressurized by a slowly varying load Abstract
AM Ette
Vol 10 (2006) Perturbed segmented domain collocation Tau-method for the numerical solution of Second Order Boundary Value problems Abstract
OA Taiwo, AS Olagunju
Vol 12 (2008) Perturvation technique on the dynamic stability of a lightly damped cylindrical shell axially stressed by an impulse Abstract
AM Ette
Vol 18 (2011) Petroleum Potentials and Well Log Evaluation from Niger Delta Basin Abstract
S Eshimokhai, L Osueni, OE Akhirevbulu
Vol 8 (2004) Phase synchronization of coupled hyper-chaotic duffing oscillator Abstract
A N Njah, O Akinlade, A R Solarin
Vol 19 (2011) Photovoltaics Application in Benin City Abstract
ST Apeh, CO Anazia
Vol 10 (2006) Plasma heating by non-linear wave-Plasma interaction Abstract
EM Echi, A Ojo
Vol 12 (2008) Poisson impedance as an enhanced litho-fluid discriminator using crossplot analysis Abstract
O Ujuanbi, SI Jegede, F Osayande, CO Molua
Vol 17 (2010) Polynomial approximation approach to transient heat conduction with internal heat generation Abstract
PO Olanrewaju, OT Arulogun, ME Ojewumi
Vol 18 (2011) Potential Of Fired Clay Bricks Produced From Aponmu Clay Deposits Abstract
JO Osarenmwinda, T Ali
Vol 8 (2004) Potential theory: computer graphics approach Abstract
A O Oduwale, U V Akwukwuma
Vol 19 (2011) Potentially Induced Artificial Heat Reservior Abstract
MY Onimisi, CI Okoro
Vol 30 (2015) Power Budget Analysis of Fiber Optics Communication Links Along Benin-Asaba Route Abstract
SO Atuba, KO Ojo, DA Imasuen
Vol 8 (2004) Power series like relation of power law and coupled creep constrained grain boundary cavitation under strain gradient plasticity analysis Abstract
M O Oyesanya
Vol 12 (2008) Predator-prey mathematical model using Van der Pol's equation Abstract
SC Inyama
Vol 19 (2011) Predicting the Biodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor by Artificial Neural Network Abstract
CN Owabor, BV Ayodele
Vol 19 (2011) Prediction of Multiphase Flow Properties from Network Models Abstract
David Omamuzo Otiede, Kejian Wu, Olalekan Olafuyi
Vol 9 (2005) Predictions of total deformations in Jebba main dam by finite element analysis technique Abstract
BU Anyata, SO Osuji
Vol 14 (2009) Premium adjustment: actuarial analysis on epidemiological models Abstract
DEA Omorogbe, SO Edobor
Vol 12 (2008) Pressure gradient and pressure derivative characteristics of a horizontal well subject to bottom water drive mechanism Abstract
ES Adewole
Vol 11 (2007) Pressure on the Cochlea as a Load on the basilar membrane: Its contribution to the mechanism of hearing Abstract
GC Mbah, OH Adagba
Vol 8 (2004) Pressure transient analysis of a horizontal well subject to four vertical well injectors Abstract
E S Adewole, K O Bello
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