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Vol 16 (2010) Development of a transport model for the microbial degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a saturated porous medium. Abstract
CN Owabor, SE Agarry, TO Azeez
Vol 18 (2011) Development of Methods For Determining The Lateral Surface of Tank Abstract
R Ehigiator – Irughe, MO Ehigiator
Vol 30 (2015) Diatomic Molecules Effective Potential for an Harmonic Oscillator Model Abstract
Emmanuel Anthony
Vol 11 (2007) Diffeomorphism groups of connected sum of three products of spheres Abstract
SO Ajala
Vol 12 (2008) Differences between general relativity and dynamical theory of gravitation in the resolution of radar sounding phenomenon to the order of C-5 Abstract
YY Jabil, DD Bakwa
Vol 19 (2011) Disease dynamics in predator-prey population with disease in the prey Abstract
Emmanuel O Oghre, Dennis I Egherha
Vol 12 (2008) Duffing oscillator as model for predicting earthquake occurrence I Abstract
MO Oyesanya
Vol 10 (2006) Dynamic analysis of a Bernoulli-Euler beam via the Laplace transformation technique Abstract
M Jiya, YM Aiyesimi, AA Mohammed
Vol 11 (2007) Dynamic Analysis of a non-linear vibrating circular cylindrical shell using the regular perturbation technique Abstract
M Jiya, Y M Aiyesimi
Vol 8 (2004) Dynamic analysis of a thermal–induced stress in an elastic circular plate Abstract
Y M Aiyesimi
Vol 9 (2005) Dynamic behaviour of non-uniform Bernoulli-Euler beams subjected to concentrated loads travelling at varying velocities. Abstract
ST Oni, B Omolofe
Vol 30 (2015) Dynamic Calculation Design of Vertical Wind Turbine Abstract
Emmanuel I. Okhueleigbe, Andrew O. Okhueleigbe, BO Akinloye
Vol 17 (2010) Dynamic Performances of Asynchronous Machines Abstract
EU Ubeku, SO Igbinovia
Vol 17 (2010) Dynamic Programming for Production Planning; an application of Dijkstra’s Model Abstract
HI Ojarikre, O Ighedo
Vol 9 (2005) Dynamic response to moving concentrated masses of uniform Rayleigh beams resting on variable winkler elastic foundation Abstract
ST Oni
Vol 8 (2004) Dynamic stability of a lightly damped column trapped by a harmonically slowly varying explicitly time dependent load Abstract
A M Ette
Vol 12 (2008) Dynamical analysis of a prestressed elastic beam with general boundary conditions under the action of uniform distributed masses Abstract
ST Oni, SN Ogunyebi
Vol 20 (2012) Dynamics of a Perturbed Linear Chain of Atoms Abstract
A Tanimu, G Babaji
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Dynamics of a Perturbed Linear Chain of Atoms Abstract
A Tanimu, G Babaji
Vol 14 (2009) Effect of a magnetic field on a rotating fluid flow Abstract
OJ Fenuga, RO Ayeni
Vol 30 (2015) Effect of Adenine Concentration on the Corrosion Inhibition of Aisi 304l Steel in 1.0m Sulphuric Acid Solution Abstract
Georgina Ufuoma Unueroh, Ofuyekpone Okiemute, Enoma Nosakharie
Vol 9 (2005) Effect of Biot number on thermal criticality in a couette flow Abstract
WA Gbolagade, OD Makinde
Vol 30 (2015) Effect of Cement Grades on some properties of Sandcrete Abstract
RI Umasabor, OE Alutu
Vol 15 (2009) Effect of couple stresses on hydromagnetic flow of blood through a stenosed coronary artery Abstract
SO Adesanya, SO Ajala, RO Ayeni
Vol 30 (2015) Effect of Cu and Co Dopıng on the Structural Propertıes of ZnO Nanopartıcles Abstract
Saibu Said Abdullahi, Yuksel koseoglu, Chifu E Ndikilar, Aminu Aliyu Safana, Shamsu Ahmad
Vol 19 (2011) Effect of Heat From Buried Metallic Object On Different Soil Textures Abstract
VC Ozebo, JA Olowofela, R Bello, AO Amure
Vol 10 (2006) Effect of queue discipline on the performance of a queueing system Abstract
SA Ojobor, SE Omosigho
Vol 9 (2005) Effect of radiation on the critical Frank – Kamenetskii parameter of thermal ignition in a combustible gas containing fuel droplets. Abstract
R O Ayeni, A M Okedoye, A O Popoola, T O Ayodele
Vol 15 (2009) Effect of slip velocity on oscillatory MHD flow of stretched surface with radiative heat transfer and variable suction Abstract
AM Okedoye
Vol 12 (2008) Effect of the varation of hollow core diameter in rectangula plain concrete beams Abstract
OU Orie, OM Alile
Vol 17 (2010) Effect of transmission rate in an SIR epidemic model Abstract
RO Ayeni, O Adebimpe, TO Oluyo, SO Adewale, AO Popoola, AW Ogunsola
Vol 11 (2007) Effect of viscous damping on the response of a finite beam resting on a tensionless Pasternak Foundation subjected to a harmonic load Abstract
O T Gideon, YM Aiyesimi
Vol 10 (2006) Effective utilization of weighting adjustment for the estimates of means in survey non-response Abstract
OR Oniyide, DA Agunbiade
Vol 15 (2009) Effective valence as the control parameter of the superconducting iron pnictide Tc Abstract
Godfrey E Akpojotor
Vol 15 (2009) Effects of both wellbore and reservoir properties on pressure and pressure derivative distribution of a horizontal well subject to complete external fluid drive Abstract
ES Adewole
Vol 30 (2015) Effects of Deposition Potentialon the Optical Properties of Zinc Sulphide (ZNS) Thin Films and Its Physical Applications Using Electrodeposition Technique Abstract
Imosobomeh Lucky Ikhioya, O. Micheal Obende
Vol 19 (2011) Effects of Diversification of Assets on Mean and Variance Abstract
D Jayeola
Vol 14 (2009) Effects of noise-induced hearing loss within Port Harcourt metropolis, Nigeria Abstract
VB Omubo-Pepple, C Israel-Cookey, GI Alaminokuma
Vol 17 (2010) Effects of Perturbations on the Location of Collinear Points In The Restricted Three-Body Problem with Triaxial Primaries Abstract
J Singh, IY Sa’adatu
Vol 19 (2011) Effects of Screening on the Thermal Resistivity And Compressibility Ratio of Metals Abstract
OM Osiele, GE Adesakin, S Otobo
Vol 15 (2009) Effects of static pre-loading on the dynamic stability of a column on nonlinear foundations stressed by a step load Abstract
AM Ette, WI Osuji
Vol 20 (2012) Effects of Unsteady Flow Past An Infinite Vertical Plate With Variable Velocity, Temperature and Constant Mass Flux Abstract
IJ Uwanta
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Effects of Unsteady Flow Past An Infinite Vertical Plate With Variable Velocity, Temperature and Constant Mass Flux Abstract
IJ Uwanta
Vol 30 (2015) Effects of Vaccine Efficacy on Basic Reproduction Number of a Vaccination Model of Tuberculosis. Abstract
SA Egbetade, MO Ibrahim
Vol 18 (2011) Efficient Data-Driven Rule for Obtaining an Optimal Predictive Function of a Discriminant Analysis Abstract
JE Osemwenkhae, A Iduseri
Vol 18 (2011) Efficient Order Seven and Eight Rational Integrators Abstract
AO Elakhe, USU Aashikpelokhai
Vol 8 (2004) Eigenvalues define conditions of stability in liquid-liquid miscible displacement process Abstract
K I Idigbe, B H Caudle
Vol 8 (2004) Einstein's equations of motion in the gravitational field of an oblate spheroidal body Abstract
S X Howosu
Vol 10 (2006) elative controllability of nonlinear neutral Volterra Integrodiferential systems with delays in control Abstract
P C Jackreece
Vol 12 (2008) Electromagnetic fields and biotissue interactions Abstract
OO Odusute, VC Ozebe
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