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Vol 11 (2007) Embedded atom method for materials with a negative Cauchy discrepancy Abstract
A A Oni-Ojo, JO Idiodi, EO Aiyohuyin
Vol 15 (2009) Embedded confusion matrix in Fuzzy logic for system appraisal Abstract
JO Omolehin, LB Asaju, M Olagunju, AO Ameen, K Rauf
Vol 16 (2010) Empirical Analysis of Priority on a FCFS Queue Discipline In Nigerian Banking System Abstract
KJ Bassey, NS Udoh, MJ Iseh
Vol 17 (2010) Empirical Equations For The Surface Gas Gravity of Nigerian Associated Gas Abstract
PU Ohirhian, OA Olafuyi
Vol 14 (2009) Empirical formula for the parameters of metallic monovalent halides Abstract
F Matthew-Ojelabi
Vol 30 (2015) Empirical Models for the Estimation of Global Solar Radiation in Yola, Nigeria. Abstract
BG Muhammad, RS Said, GY Najib
Vol 14 (2009) Endemicity of cholera in Nigeria: A mathematical model to investigate its nature Abstract
JE Osemwenkhae, AO Isere, DU Okuonghae
Vol 16 (2010) Energy Band Structure Studies Of Zinc-Blende GaAs and InAs Abstract
CA Madu, BN Onwuagba
Vol 14 (2009) Energy generation in a plant due to variable sunlight intensity Abstract
GCE Mbah
Vol 19 (2011) Energy Generation in the Human Body by the Human Cells Abstract
CL Ejikeme, GCE Mbah, MO Oyesanya
Vol 18 (2011) Enhancing Authentication Models Characteristic Metrics via Probability Modeling Abstract
EA Onibere, AO Egwali
Vol 15 (2009) Entropy generation in MHD flow of a uniformly stretched vertical permeable surface under oscillatory suction velocity Abstract
AM Okedoye, AO Adesanya
Vol 16 (2010) Epiboron Neutron Activation Analysis with Nigeria Research Reactor - 1 Abstract
H Seydou, O Meludu, A Usman
Vol 30 (2015) Erratum: Comparative Analysis of Some Reliability Characteristics of Deteriorating Systems Abstract
Bashir Yusuf, Felix Y Eguda, Usman Sani
Vol 20 (2012) Estimating Time Series Trend Using Linear Programming Techniques On The Sales Data Of Kaduna Coca-Cola Bottling Company Abstract
I Aliyu, B Sani
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Estimating Time Series Trend Using Linear Programming Techniques On The Sales Data Of Kaduna Coca-Cola Bottling Company Abstract
I Aliyu, B Sani
Vol 30 (2015) Estimation of Magnetic Basement Depth of Oyo Area from Aeromagnetic Data Abstract
TT Ogunseye, OT Olurin, GS Adekunle, JA Olowofela
Vol 15 (2009) Estimation of transport and degradation parameters for naphthalene and anthracene: Influence of mass transfer on kinetics Abstract
CN Owabor, SE Ogbeide, AA Susu
Vol 9 (2005) Estimators of parameters of the exponential family distributions and maintenance problem. Abstract
BM Yakasai
Vol 10 (2006) Euclidean null controllability of linear systems with delays in state and control Abstract
D Iyai
Vol 11 (2007) Euclidean null controllability of perturbed infinite delay systems with limited control Abstract
D Iyai
Vol 18 (2011) Evaluating the Security Risks of System Using Hidden Markov Models Abstract
EA Onibere, AO Egwali
Vol 20 (2012) Evaluating Thermal Properties of Rock Abstract
Rasaq Bello
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Evaluating Thermal Properties of Rock Abstract
R Bello
Vol 18 (2011) Evaluation and Analysis of Frequency of Transformer Failures Abstract
SO Igbinovia, OM Alabi, N Igbinovia
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Evaluation of Fractured Basement Complex Rock Porosity by Azimuthal Cross-Square Vertical Electrical Soundings Abstract
M Saleh, OK Likkason, M Hassan
Vol 15 (2009) Evaluation of n + 16Fe reaction cross section at 14MeV incident energy Abstract
Emmanuel F Oyidi, Nasir F Isa, Salihu S Duwa
Vol 15 (2009) Evaluation of the contributions of 232Th and its progenies to the ingestion dose coefficients Abstract
AM Arogunjo
Vol 18 (2011) Exact Vibration Solution for initially stressed Beams resting on Elastic Foundation and subjected to partially distributed masses Abstract
B Omolofe, A Adedowole, SO Ajibola, J Ahmed
Vol 30 (2015) Examining the Role of the Reproductive Rate of the Infected Cell On the Viral Load of The Virions In the Context of HIV/AIDS Intervention Strategy Abstract
EN Ekaka-a, ND Nwiabu, IJ Galadima
Vol 10 (2006) Excitation of low-frequency electrostatic instability on the auroral field lines due to precipitation electron beam Abstract
LE Akpabio, EG Uwah
Vol 8 (2004) Existence and uniqueness of solution for a system of equations of microwave heating of the biologic tissues Abstract
E A Adebile
Vol 10 (2006) Existence of a secondary flow for a temperature dependent viscous couette flow. Abstract
SO Adesanya, OJ Fenuga, OO Otolorin
Vol 9 (2005) Explicit presentation of the Colebrook's friction factor equation Abstract
PU Ohirhian
Vol 19 (2011) Exponential Stability of Quantum Stochastic Dynamics Abstract
Yusuf Ibrahim
Vol 14 (2009) Extended period simulation (EPS) modelling of urban water distribution network Abstract
OC Izinyon, BU Anyata
Vol 30 (2015) Extension of Einstein’s Planetary Theory Based on Generalized Gravitational Scalar Potential Abstract
LW Lumbi, SXK Howusu, N Tsaku
Vol 30 (2015) Extension of Newton’s Dynamical Spectral Shift for Photons in Gravitational Fields of Static Homogeneous Spherical Massive Bodies Abstract
LW Lumbi, SXK Howusu, O Nwagbara, P Jatau
Vol 11 (2007) Fabrication and optical characterization of improved electroless chemically deposited strontium fluoride (SrF2) thin films at 320K Abstract
PA Ilenikhena
Vol 10 (2006) Fairing NURBS curve by dual parameter optimization Abstract
JO Akpobi, UD Egbedi
Vol 9 (2005) FDTD model of acoustic wave interaction with soft targets Abstract
E Ikata
Vol 9 (2005) Fertility levels and trend among women in Nigeria Abstract
EC Nwogu
Vol 9 (2005) Finite element analysis of one–dimensional hydrodynamic dispersion of a reactive solute in electroosmotic flow Abstract
OT Gideon, YM Aiyesimi
Vol 11 (2007) Finite element solution of the Boussinesq wave equation Abstract
JA Akpobi, ED Akpobi
Vol 20 (2012) Finite Elements Approximate Flows of Compressible Viscous Melt Molecules Abstract
SO Abdul-kareem
Vol 20, No 1 (2012) Finite Elements Approximate Flows of Compressible Viscous Melt Molecules Abstract
SO Abdul-Kareem
Vol 15 (2009) Finitely generated commutative Noetherian semigroups Abstract
Adewale O Oduwale
Vol 10 (2006) First order normalization in the perturbed restricted three–body problem with variable mass Abstract
J Singh
Vol 15 (2009) First-principle calculation of SP3 hybridization and bonding in diamond-structure semiconductor crystals Abstract
Garba Babaji
Vol 8 (2004) Flexural motions of uniform beam under the actions of concentrated mass traveling with variable velocity Abstract
S T Oni
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