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Evaluation of Socio-Demographic Characteristics of HIV/AIDS Patients in a Tertiary Hospital

OW Aitalegbe
MN Femi-Oyewo


The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria has rapidly gained momentum and is now a public health concern. This study was carried out to assess the socio-demographics of HIV/AIDS patients who accessed treatment at OOUTH, Sagamu, Ogun, Nigeria. It involved a retrospective review of medical records obtained from the Community Medicine and Primary Care Unit which contained information on patients who received treatment between January 2007 and December 2009. The total number of case notes studied was 362. The result indicated that 61% of the study population were females. Age range, 20-40 years of both the female and male groups had the highest representations of 41% and 21% respectively. Majority (45%) were married, 38% had no formal education while, 33% were traders. The study showed a higher HIV/AIDS prevalence within the ages of 21 and 60 years and females were mostly affected. This study thus suggests a system for implementation of specific and focused educational programs among this age range.

Keywords: Socio-demographics, HIV/AID, Retrospective, Teaching hospital