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Comparative assessment of the use of combination options of methyldopa (<i>Aldomet</i><sup>®</sup>), <i>Moduretic</i><sup>®</sup> and frusemide (<i>Lasix</i><sup>®</sup>) in the treatment of hypertensive patients - a Nigerian case study

BB Kabele-Toge


A total of 80 case-notes of patients who have suffered from mild, moderate and severe forms of hypertension were selected and analyzed. Vital information such as the sex and age of the patients, frequency and length of treatment, adverse reaction and response to treatment were retrieved and recorded. The case-notes selected were those in which tablets of Aldomet®, Moduretic® and Lasix® were used as drugs of choice for the treatment of the hypertension. It was found that the combination of Aldomet® and Moduretic® was more effective in the treatment of hypertension than the combination of Aldomet® and Lasix®. The combination of Aldomet® and Moduretic® was also found to be more effective in males than in females. The pre-treatment blood pressure levels were found to increase with increase in age while the blood pressure levels were significantly affected by the occupations of the patients.

Key words: combination option, Aldomet®, Moduretic®, Lasix® antihypertensive

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences Vol.2(2) 2005: 197-2001

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eISSN: 1596-8499