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Computer - based modeling in extract sciences research -III. Biological and related sciences

EC Ibezim, PR Duchowicz, NE Ibezim, C Njoku, SA Brown, O Okorie, MA Sanservino, EA Castro


The use of molecular modeling in exact science based researches has come a long way. Our earlier paper focused on its use in chemistry and physics disciplines. Molecular modeling techniques have been of great applicability in the study of the biological sciences and other exact science fields like agriculture, mathematics, computer science and the like. In this write up, a list of computer programs for predicting, for instance, the structure of proteins has been provided. Discussions on different types of models, structural bioinformatics, Monte Carlos methods and their
applications in finance and business, telecommunications, physical sciences, designs and visuals, games and methematics bioinformatics are presented. Some recent applications of molecular modeling in biological, agricultural and mathematical researches are presented.
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