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Effect of Formulation Methods on the Mechanical and Release Properties of Paracetamol Tablets

TO Ajala, OI Aremu, PA Segun, JO Ayorinde


This work compared the compressional, mechanical and drug release properties of paracetamol tablets produced through direct compression with those obtained from wet granulation. Compressional properties were analyzed using density measurements, angle of repose, Carr’s index and Hausner’s ratio. The mechanical properties of the tablets were assessed using the crushing strength (CS), friability(F) and crushing strength-friability ratio (CSFR) of the tablets, while drug release properties were assessed using disintegration time and dissolution profile. The granules possessed better flow properties than the powder mixtures for direct compression. Paracetamol tablets prepared by wet granulation were harder than those prepared by direct compression as shown by the CS. The evaluation of the release properties showed that the amount of paracetamol released at any given time was higher for tablets prepared by direct compression than those prepared by wet granulation. Thus, wet granulation with carefully selected drug excipients may be a better method over direct compression in paracetamol tablets formulation.

Keywords: Paracetamol tablets, direct compression, wet granulation, mechanical properties, drug release properties

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