Creation and demolition of illegal structures in Nigerian cities

  • FN Ogeah
  • SI Omofonmwan


The paper examined the issue of demolition of illegal structures in Benin City. The study revealed that the poor economic condition of the country forced  many landlords in the city to restructure and convert their houses into mixed uses in order to make a living. In the process many illegal structures sprang up as many landlords were not enlightened enough on planning rules. The  state government demolished the illegal structures in order to create room for the expansion of roads which were facing serious traffic congestions. The  landlords therefore are to be blamed for erecting the illegal structures; the government is also partly to be blamed for the poor economic condition which forced the landlords to violate planning rules. The planning authority is also to be blamed for not living up to its responsibility. To avoid the reoccurrence of this, government should improve on means of livelihood of the people,  planning authority should live up to its responsibility, and the public must be enlightened on the rules, and importance of physical planning.

Keywords: Structures, illegal, government, public, authority


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eISSN: 1596-8308