Journal of Research in National Development

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Achievement Motivation: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Of Structure And Strength

FG Umukoro, OL Kuye


The objective of this study is to analyze the structure of the achievement motive domain for samples from five states in Nigeria. It was hypothesized that data collected from the various samples will reflect the basic facets suggested by the definitional framework of achievement motivation. It was also hypothesized that the individualistic and collectivistic cultural orientations will have an effect on motive strength. Results from 217 respondents supported the hypothesis. The three basic facets of the definition of achievement motive: behaviour modality (instrumental, affective, or cognitive), type of confrontation (confronting oneself or matching solutions to challenges), and time perspective relative to task performance (before, during, or after performance), were reflected as major determinants of the data.

JORIND Vol. 5 (1) 2007: pp. 69-77
AJOL African Journals Online