Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller for a Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drive System

  • JA Oyedepo
  • A Folaponmile


In this paper DC motor control models were mathematically extracted and implemented using fuzzy logic speed controller. All control systems suffer from problems related to undesirable overshoot, longer settling times and vibrations while going from one state to another. To overcome the maximum overshoot, fuzzy logic control technique has been used in the controller architecture. Fuzzy logic controlled model of the DC motor was implemented. The purpose is to achieve accurate trajectory control of the speed of permanent magnet brushless DC Motor, especially when the motor and load parameters are unknown. Based on the mathematic model of BLDCM, a fuzzy logic controller is designed, and the membership function is composed by Gauss function. This fuzzy logic speed control of BLDC motor was simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK and the result obtained showed that excellent flexibility and adaptability as well as high precision and good robustness are obtained by the proposed strategy.

Keywords: Brushless DC motor, fuzzy logic control, speed controller


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308